Who Do We Blame For Childhood Obesity?
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With the rate of childhood obesity skyrocketing in this country, it’s important to understand how it happens and what causes it. Childhood obesity can lead to severe health risks due to the fact that, as children, we are already forming habits that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. Poor diet and exercise habits have considerable affect on our health and life expectancy.


I have heard it said a hundred times. “I just don’t have time to cook them a proper meal. Fast food is just so much easier.” Yes, fast food is often times much easier to feed your children than actually cooking for them. However, there are alternatives on the fast food menus that are healthy and won’t contribute to excessive weight gain.


When I was just a little lad, my parents didn’t have big screen televisions. We didn’t grow up with Xbox’s and Nintendo’s. Our parents locked us out of the house until dark and we found our own toys to play with. Yes, it was fun. No, we didn’t sit on our rear ends all day. We hated coming inside-even when it started raining or the streetlights came on.

I admit that it’s more dangerous to let your kids wander around outside but we, as parents, should at least attempt to be examples of healthier living. Throw out the junk food, pull them away form the game systems, and spend some quality time with them. That’s how you raise happier, healthier kids.

Guest post submitted by Alison, who specializes in studies on Phentermine and teen eating disorders.

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